Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction to the currency market (Forex) Part I

 n this entry will be We learn about some basics of the Forex market. Such a good idea can take away from this exciting market. And also claimed received all your questions and inquiries pertaining to trade in currencies, God willing,


At the outset Bnteklm for trading instruments used in the currency market (Forex)

Currency Trading Program

Program of the Trader (To view charts of currencies)

Open the site

A program is easy and simple and is also free and displays a chart momentarily


Open Demo Account

FX Solutions

Then fill out and press Submit
Sends the user name and password for your account to test your email address
Demo Account contains the amount of $ 10,000

A demo is a fictitious account where the amount of $ 10,000 to train well before you open a real account


You can open a real account via a gate in shares through this link

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