Monday, October 12, 2009

Introduction to the currency market (Forex) Part 2

Stock Exchange:

Is a place where traders meet to buy and sell a commodity, in order to take advantage of price differences, such as, gold mining stocks, silver stocks, oil bourse. . And so on.

Global Currency Exchange:

Is one of these exchanges, which are buying and selling of various currencies in order to benefit from price differentials between currencies.


Called the stock exchange world. Foreign exchange market (foreing exchange), known simply as (forex) FX, (FX) FX, called ßÐÇáß, (currency market) the currency market, and the names on this term


After World War II was (Convention Brighton) in 1974 Among the items of exchange rate against the dollar instead of gold, then was almost constant rates of currencies against the dollar, and thus could not be trading in the currency market to the lack of fluctuation states.
And in 1970 decided to President Richard Nixon disengagement dollar currencies, and Malk since become currency fluctuations up and down this market grew in prosperity, but it is limited to the top banks and investment houses, the large amounts needed for deliberation and take advantage of this volatility.

Since the start of the Internet revolution in the mid-nineties and the evolution of leverage and margin expansion began in the currency market and become available even to small investors.

Size of the Forex currency market:

Forex Currency Exchange is the largest financial market in the world is available, where the floating rate
(2,000,000,000,000 $) or two trillion dollars a day.

Advantages of the Forex currency market:

Forex is characterized by exchanges of other types of advantages, Mrs. Mubarak:

Work throughout the day:
Where that work in the currency market sustained 24 hours in five days of the week, and leave in the market on Saturday and Sunday

High liquidity:
Since the currency market, the largest trading market in the world by 2,000 thousand billion dollars a day,
, Which means that buyers and sellers around the clock.

Fairness and transparency of the market:
The magnitude of the currency market and they are not affected unless the official statements of the biggest economies in the world and officials of these countries makes the currency market more transparent, there is no secrets there and not manipulation, in addition to the news which affect the scheduled and Official sources as stated above.

Take advantage of the bullish and bearish market:
Because currencies are traded on the basis of pairs, if dropped its currency rose against which other, such as the scales of justice

The clarity of the market and its limitations:
Since the number of currencies that are traded are very limited, this is a reason to focus on the path of prices and follow the news:

High leverage (Leverage):

The currency market is the market which has the largest proportion among the other markets multiplier of up to 100 times.

Major currencies:

Each state of its own currency in the international market for each currency is given a special symbol Symbol, and consists of three characters, the first two-letter country code for the World, and the third of the coin

Faramz U.S. dollar is USD, the shortcut US dollar
And the symbol of the euro is EUR, a shortcut for the word Euro
And the symbol of British pound sterling is GBP, a shortcut Great Britain Pound
And the symbol of the Japanese yen is JPY, Japanese yen Shortcut
And the symbol of the Swiss franc is CHF, a shortcut Confidralic Helvetica Franc
And the symbol of the Canadian dollar is CAD, Canadian dollar Shortcut
This predecessor currencies, is the most important global currency trading Yim at Global Forex currency market, against the dollar, and against each other.

Currency pairs:

Are dealing with currencies in the currency market on the basis of the Forex currency pairs such as euro / dollar (EUR / USD).
And be treated when buying and selling, on the basis of individual purchase of the pair and selling the other interview.
International banks have agreed to arrange a currency symbols in all couples, so that there is a unity in transactions with each other
The currency symbol, which placed first (from left) in the formula called the base currency Base currency and the currency symbol, which placed second (right) called the currency price, price quoted is the amount owed from the second currency to obtain one unit of base currency.

When we say: 1.5000 = GBP / USD
Faramz pound sterling a first in Formula One currency basis in this formula is the pound (because the first symbol) and the meaning that the price Malk topic in the formula is the amount owed from the second currency (the dollar) for one pound sterling (and one unit of base currency).
That is, we are required to pay 1.5 dollars for one pound sterling.

Order currency pairs

They agreed on a currency pairs as follows:
The euro against the dollar EUR / USD
The pound sterling against the U.S. dollar GBP / USD
The dollar against the Japanese Yen USD / JPY
The dollar against the Swiss franc, USD / CHF
The U.S. dollar against the Canadian Dollar USD / CAD
Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar AUD / USD
The euro against the pound sterling EUR / GBP
The euro against the Japanese Yen EUR / JPY
The euro against the Swiss franc EUR / CHF
The pound sterling against the Japanese Yen GBP / JPY
The pound sterling against the Swiss franc GBP / CHF

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