Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Become a Professional Forex Trader and make money at the Same Time

If you want to learn how to trade the Foreign Exchange Markets (Forex or FX) has never been as easy as it is today with the spread of the internet. It is quit simple to learn Forex trading online with many fantastic free and commercially available recourses available which are growing each and every day. After becoming educated in the finer methods of trading, the next step is to start the experimentation processes and refine the techniques you have been taught in a customized approach with meets your individualized goals related to realizable profits. Most the people that ask me for advice think that is a long, tedious, expensive and complicated process to become a rich professional Forex trader. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Do I need to say it any more times? Do you know that if you played basketball in the NBA and made 50% of your shots you would be considered one of the greatest shooters of all time? When you are trading Forex you are guaranteed to make 50% of your shots, that’s right you will make winning trades 50% of the time even if you just flip a coin when attempting to decide which currency to pick. So how hard can it really be? Not to difficult is the answer! If it is so easy then why do so many novice traders never make it to the next level and become professional traders? This can be answered with one word, GREED. What they don’t understand is your not going to make a million dollars your first week of trading, but they are going to try anyway. The financial killer to most beginning FX traders is the MARGINS offered by the brokerage firms. If there were no margins one would simply need to make more money than the commissions charged by the brokerage firms to make money. After all, you are GUARANTEED to be correct 50% of the time when entering a trade. There are only two paths a currency can go, UP or DOWN. They can’t go any other ways, all though some of us in the profession for a long time sometimes think they do. So where do you learn about controlling your margins? I will first tell you where you don’t and that is the FOREX BROKERAGE FIRMS. Of course it is not in there interest to explain the financial snake pit you are about to enter. To learn Forex trading online and how to RULE margins and NOT let them RULE you then you are going to need to sign up for a commercial available course. If you knew nothing about the Forex markets at all, but you fully understood the concept of margins and how to make them work FOR you as opposed to AGAINST you then you would not be reading this article, but sipping frozen banana and rum drinks under an umbrella on a beach in Tahiti. Just sit back and think about for yourself a little bit, if you are guaranteed to make winning trades 50% of the time exactly how can you not make money at this?Learn how to make money online automatically and successfully by trading on fore

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