Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forex Price Movement - Prices are not Predictable But You Can Win if You Understand This Key Fact

 an you predict Forex prices in advance after all human nature is constant and repeats itself? Human nature does but if you predict you will lose - if you follow the method enclosed though you can win...

 ou often see vendors selling systems that say they can predict with 90% accuracy, pinpoint market tops and bottoms in advance etc but they always present a simulated track record backwards to prove the point, knowing the closing prices.

 hey bend the rules of the system to make a profit on the data segment and in real time of course the exact same price history never unfolds and the system breaks causing a loss. People have seen the appliance of complicated mathematics enrich our life in other areas and assume it works in forex markets.

 here is however a problem with forex markets and it's obvious - they do not move to a set theory that conforms to mathematics, so complex equations don't work.

 his fact proves the point:

 roof Complicated Theories Don't Work

 0 years ago 95% of traders lost and the same ratio lose today. This is despite all the advances we have seen in computer forecasting, computer power and new theories in the period - they haven't helped!

An Odds Based Market

 n forex markets you have a market that moves on probabilities NOT certainties and while you can win, you need to forget complicated theories and keep it simple and see Forex trading as an odds game.

 t's a fact that simple theories are more robust in terms of turning forex price movement into profit as there are fewer variables to break in the brutal ever changing world of forex trading.

 hen trading you have to accept that you are going to lose at times but if you continue to trade high odds set ups you will have more winners than losers and if you run your profits and cut your losses you will win overtime.

 hy Successful Forex Trading is similar to Poker

 he Successful poker player knows he wont win every hand but that doesn't bother him, as he folds or passes by low odds hands or hands that go against him and hits the high odds hands. Poker is a game of probabilities just like forex and if you think like the successful poker players you can win.

 orex trading is still a combination of a simple forex trading system applied with discipline to keep losses small and run profitable high odds trades.

Many people think that science and complication lead to success in all areas of life in some yes - in forex no. So keep it simple, play the odds, trade with discipline and you can enjoy currency trading success
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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/currency-trading-articles/forex-price-movement-prices-are-not-predictable-but-you-can-win-if-you-understand-this-key-fact-604546.html

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