Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forex Expert Advisors - How Do You Know Who is Really an Expert?

Anyone can claim to be a Forex expert advisor but most are not. So what Forex expert advisors deliver and how do you spot them? Lets find out...

 ost Forex Expert advisors have computer software they have programmed which they claim will make you money - but the vast majority of it is based on unsound logic which has no chance of working.

 he problem is most of the systems are presented with a hypothetical back test as evidence of the systems money making power.

 his though proves nothing, as the vendor knows all the prices - the exact tops and bottoms and can buy and sell, knowing these facts. It's no wonder some of the track records would put the best Forex fund managers in the world to shame. The problem of course is there not real.

 ust because someone can make a simulation profitable means nothing. That's why the system has probably not been traded by the vendor. If it was as good as they say they would have one and in fact they wouldn't sell it for $100 - they wouldn't need to, they would be making to much money to bother.

 o forget these get rich quick methods that don't work and seek out a forex expert advisor who has a real track record or something worthwhile to teach you so you can devise your own.

 f you find a mechanical forex trading system with a real track over a few years, just check the logic, make sure you understand it and can trade it with discipline through losing periods.

 espite the fact that most novice traders go for an automatic system, it's a fact that most serious forex traders do not use pure mechanical trading methods, they have human input on - the trade set ups and risk exposure and this really is the way to trade in my view.

 orex expert advisors are out there, who have made real money or can teach you Forex trading strategies to get the odds on your side - but they are a minority.

Most vendors hope the novice Forex trader falls for his simulated track record and the trader gets wiped out - don't fall for them, shop around and find a real expert who is a trader and has traded real money.

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